Mailman hosting for DIKU students.

Welcome to dikumail.dk. Mailman hosting for DIKU students

Anybody who is afiliated with DIKU (Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen) can freely use this service for hosting mailman lists

By default, all lists are created under the dikumail.dk domain, although it is possible to use your own domain by using the following DNS configuration

domain IN MX 10 mx1.terrifyinglytrue.eu
domain IN MX 20 mx2.terrifyinglytrue.eu

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This service is operated by Truls Asheim. Please contant support - AT - dikumail - DOT - dk with any inquiries. This service is not affiliated with DIKU (Department of Compter Science, University of Copenhagen) or the University of Copenagen. All similarities in nameing are coincidental